How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp [Best Ways]

Blocking is the last resort when you are not interested in knowing what the other person is up to, and in return, you don’t want them to know what is going in your life. As with any app used for person-to-person interaction, sometimes it becomes necessary to block someone on WhatsApp.

Blocking doesn’t just give you the ability to completely hide someone’s account and their content from yours, but it prevents that person from ever having access to viewing and interacting with your account too. You can check this directly with mods like YOWhatsApp.

Everyone has their different reasons for wanting to block someone, but essentially it is a move to let someone else know that they do not have the right to be a presence in your life and they are having a negative impact on you.

Whether you’re getting calls or texts from numbers you don’t know, or you’re being harassed by someone you do know, blocking is an easy way to cease contact without any hassle or uncomfortable confrontation. When you block someone on WhatsApp, you will stop receiving messages and calls from them. Even if they continue to send them, they’ll never show up on your phone.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp

Likewise, your information be it status updates, profile picture changes, or ‘last seen’ timestamps, will no longer be visible to the person you blocked. Some people may find that they’ve tried messaging one of their contacts, only to find that they aren’t responding anymore.

There are a few possibilities as to why someone on WhatsApp isn’t responding. They could be busy, have deleted the app, or delete their WhatsApp account altogether. It’s also possible, however, that you may have been blocked. Now, we come to the tricky part. How to tell if someone else has blocked you on WhatsApp? For that, look out for these signs:

How To Check If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp

Check Their Last Seen Status

The first thing to do is check the user’s ‘last seen’ status. If you don’t see one, you may have been blocked, though the user could also have simply disabled the feature on their account. Since this feature is widely used by WhatsApp users, there are very low chances that you will be able to identify the WhatsApp block using this feature.

Though, it comes in handy sometimes as many people have the “last seen” feature on for their accounts.

Check WhatsApp Last Seen

No Profile Picture Or Old Profile Picture

Next, check their profile picture. If it has not changed in a long time, yet the user often changed it in the past, that’s another potential sign. Blocked contacts will always see the image used right before the blocking occurred or see no profile picture at all.

If you are not able to see the contact’s image all of sudden, there are high chances that they have blocked you. If you have any contacts in common, you can ask them if they are able to see their DP or not.

No WhatsApp Display Picture

Single Check Mark On Messages

Then after undertaking all the above steps, you might consider being more direct. Send the person a message. If more than one checkmark never appears, that’s a strong sign you were blocked. The message will never be delivered. Though there are chances that either your or their internet connection is not active.

To be sure of everything, send a message to one of your online contacts and see if it gets delivered. If it gets, then you might be blocked from that person’s account and the message you have sent will not convert into double-ticks.

Single Tick WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp Call Doesn’t Go Through

You can also try to call the person. If you were blocked, the call won’t go through. This is far the best way to check if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. It doesn’t matter if a person is online or offline, if you are not able to make calls to them then you are probably blocked.

If you have made calls to the same person before, then visit your Calls History tab on WhatsApp and try calling them from there. If the same error message appears, unfortunately, you are blocked by the person.

WhatsApp Calls To Blocked Contact

Try Adding Them to a Group

This step will give you the surest sign. If you have tried all of the methods mentioned above, still not convinced by them, then you can try creating a group or add that person to any other WhatsApp group. Try to create a new group in WhatsApp and include the contact in the group.

If WhatsApp tells you that the app couldn’t add the person to the group, it means that they have blocked you. Also, if any other WhatsApp group admin added that person to the group, you won’t be able to message them personally.

Couldn't Add Contact To WhatsApp

Final Words

We hope this article was useful in helping you determine whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. Blocking someone on WhatsApp may cease direct contact from that user, but it doesn’t remove them from your contacts. To do that, you will have to remove their contact from your phone manually.

You can also unblock someone you’ve blocked at any time. So, if you need a break from someone for a little bit you can use the blocking method but resume contact when you are feeling up for it again. If you know about any other way to check if someone blocked on your WhatsApp, then let us know about it via the comments below.

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